Woocommerce Admin App Reviews

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Usefull app

Despite some unfriendly revuews,I say it is very usefull app. Thanks

Less than 1 Star.

It worked for the first few weeks, although I couldn’t upload photos when creating new products. Then it completely stopped working around March 2018. I deleted and reinstalled and still doesn’t work. It would be pretty sweet if it did work though.

Even worse than a 1 star rating

I really wanted this app to work because the concept is really good. But sadly no!! The app literally will not load!! The status bar just spins and spins. Now I’m trying to figure out how to get my money back!!

Doesn’t work!!

Just circles and circles. Never connects!


I paid for this app and it doesn't event work Tried contacting them and no reply What a waste of money 😒😡


Don't get it!

Doesn't work

Wasted money. They shouldn't be charging for something that is not currently working.

Doesn't work

Waste of money- doesn't work

App Doesn't Work

Don't waste your time or money. So disappointing.

Doesn't work

Doesn't work at all. Does absolutely nothing.


Doesn't do anything I am getting My refund

Does nothing

WARNING! This app may be a scam. It does absolutely nothing. Does not connect to your store, does not show your dashboard, it literally does nothing at all.


This is an absolute joke. Doesn't do anything once you connect your store. Scam.

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